Excessary by Tanvi Asher


{ About Tanvi }

Rich fabrics have always been a part of Tanvi's life. Growing up the oldest of an Indian family, it was evident that she would inherit all of her mother's sarees and vintage fabrics once she was "old enough" to have them.

In 2006 she started at RIT as an industrial design MFA student. She knew she wanted to work with fiber and her thesis project was an ensemble of pattern making /designing /sewing / researching / wasting fabric and more. During this time she acquired three different sewing machines and learned a lot of different sewing techniques.

After the thesis, she continued to explore different fabric construction/ deconstruction methods and in the process designed one of a kind scarves and clutch bags.

{ About the Scarves }

Tanvi's work includes contemporary abstract pieces that interlace the realities of dreams, relationships, and nature. The shifting levels and layered depths evoke the interplay of what’s above and below the surface.

She generally starts with plain cotton or muslin and build up richly layered constructions with hand-dying, wax media, stamping and color discharge techniques. Pieces are assembled with collage, stitchery, and embellishment. The fabrics that she uses for collage are either inherited from her family (sarees) or she purchases the scraps of leftover fabric from manufacturers of garments. She often gets half a shirt, dress and even lingerie as part of the remnants.

Each and every one of the scarves is unique. No two are ever the same and she prides herself in making sure that each is perfect in terms of construction and aesthetic appeal.

Tanvi is the recipient of Brockport summer arts festival first place in fiber arts award as well Cornhill Arts Festival first place in fiber/wearable art award.


  • Apparel design
  • garment construction
  • sewing